Paul's Editorial

Live Entertainment It's a new "game" these days! And how you "play it" is a matter of survival This page is a link to musicians/entertainers who consider themselves "Lifers" - Professionals who are dedicated to the art of performing live music to people until their amplifiers "shit the bed".

The Ethics are nonnegotiable:

Be on time: It's better to be an hour early than 5 minutes late. "Watch" the volume Play the crowd Look Happy: You are Blessed to have a job you love. Kiss a little "butt" when necessary

The goals can vary:

Return dates Build a following Get a record label Tour the world Be a "Star" Find love Make a living Enjoy a career

The methods are not as reliable:

Agents? yeah sure.... however if you've got one that works, let us know Classifieds? If you book weddings Drop off promo packs - then "hang by your thumbs" waiting for the phone to ring! Audition much? Ouch ! Florida ain't Vegas. Offer to play an "off night" for less money but not for FREE!

The "Net" is Millenium

For those of you who are "hip" to the Internet, pardon my redundancy while I explain some things to the "cyber-deprived". 1st know that you DON'T have to be "computer literate", or even own a computer to have a web-site. 2nd a web-site is a place that one computer goes to "mate-with" (all right, talk to) another computer so the information about you and your business can be seen. Somebody types in your web-site address, pushes the enter button, waits a few seconds and on the screen is your picture, name, gig dates, song list, references, links to friends sites... EVERYTHING about you that you have submitted to post in your site. This is ALL the promo you need to get a gig. If a music "buyer" can't spend 5 minutes with your site to see if you’re right for the gig, he/she should NOT be hiring the entertainment for the establishment. (imho) And remember, this person has a business to run .. you are but a fraction of his day .. get in, get out. 3rd know that the internet is the "super-highway" to all the information in the world that you can handle and more. The purpose of your site is to inform, advertise, promote, expose, sell CD's and clothing, and book your act. The other major benefit is your connection to people of common interest, an entertainment community of caring musicians who realize what a struggle this business can be.